Hurricane Maria

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We made it out of Isabela on a last minute Humanitarian flight. Yesterday we arrived in San Antonio, Texas.

Isabela has no power, hardly any telecommunications (we never had service).

CLMDO lost equipment from water damage. Being in the eye of Hurricane Maria was an experience that we never want to experience again.

Supermarkets are bare, restrictions are being placed on the amount of can foods that you can buy. At our local market, upto 6 cans are allowed per person.

The only form of payment allowed is cash. Debit or Credit Cards are not working. Beacuse of the power outage.

Long lines are the norm for fuel, banks and super markets. 13 days after Hurricane Maria, my neighbor waited 12 hours in line for fuel.

Isabela isn't seeing much government help. Redbull along with Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew & Waves for water showed up and helped the West Coast of Puerto Rico.

My goal is to do a few pop-ups, wherever CLMDO can and then come back to Puerto Rico. Please share this message.

To raise some money, we are selling CLMDO T-shirts and merchandise.

The amount of emails and messages from everyone is overwhelming.

Thanks, I will get back to everyone.

  • Wilson Davalos