CLMDO Pop-Up at Pasture

CLMDO Pop-Up at Pasture

Sunday May 20th from 5-9PM CLMDO will be at Pasture in Richmond. If you are around, come by, say hello and try a dish or two.

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Puerto Rico Fundraiser

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San Antonio, come visit us next Monday, Oct 30th at Bokita in The Pearl.

CLMDO is doing a one-time only Pop-Up. You must RSVP at 210.670.7684. If you can't attend, please help us by sharing on social media.

$40 Per Person | Taste Everything

  • Andalusian Pork Loin Roast
  • Greek Limnos Lamb Chops
  • Mediterranean Lemon Chicken
  • Espresso Fillet Steaks
  • Catanzaro Italian White Bean Soup
  • Mediterranean Smashed Chickpeas
  • Rustic Italian Carrots
  • Spicy Mashed Corn
  • Port Wine Ice Cream

Thank You!

Wilson Davalos

Hurricane Maria

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We made it out of Isabela on a last minute Humanitarian flight. Yesterday we arrived in San Antonio, Texas.

Isabela has no power, hardly any telecommunications (we never had service).

CLMDO lost equipment from water damage. Being in the eye of Hurricane Maria was an experience that we never want to experience again.

Supermarkets are bare, restrictions are being placed on the amount of can foods that you can buy. At our local market, upto 6 cans are allowed per person.

The only form of payment allowed is cash. Debit or Credit Cards are not working. Beacuse of the power outage.

Long lines are the norm for fuel, banks and super markets. 13 days after Hurricane Maria, my neighbor waited 12 hours in line for fuel.

Isabela isn't seeing much government help. Redbull along with Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew & Waves for water showed up and helped the West Coast of Puerto Rico.

My goal is to do a few pop-ups, wherever CLMDO can and then come back to Puerto Rico. Please share this message.

To raise some money, we are selling CLMDO T-shirts and merchandise.

The amount of emails and messages from everyone is overwhelming.

Thanks, I will get back to everyone.

  • Wilson Davalos

Sweet Lemon Curry Wings

CLMDO Isabela Puerto Rico

On the board tongiht. Sweet Lemon Curry Wings. We toss these wings in butter, honey, curry.

Then we top them off with some sesame seeds, and some lemon.

Dropy by, and say Hi.

We Are Back: Hurricane Irma

CLMDO Puerto Rico Restuarant

Puerto Rico got past Hurricane Irma, we lost power and water.

The rest of the carribean didn't fare as well as Puerto Rico. And Irma isn't done yet. Our thoughts are with Florida.

CLMDO is open for the remainder of the weekend. Come on by.

Thanks Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet, one of the most trusted name in travel guides. Gave us a little write-up.

The team at CLMDO works hard, and we want to thank our customers.

Summer Hours

Puerto Rico Restaurant

Summer Hours are in effect.

CLMDO will be opening for dinner from 5pm - 9pm, Thursday to Sunday.

We'll see you soon.

Lote 23:

Puerto Rico Restaurant

CLMDO will be hosting a pop-up at Lote 23. In Santurce this week, May 4-6.

Drop by and say hi.

We'll be making an Olive Oil poached fresh Codfish. With our confit garlic mashed chickpeas. Topping it off with fennel pollen and a bit of citrus.

Puerto Rico Restaurant

Bass-Doctor Ace

CLMDO as a restaurant is also known for the music that we play. Me being a massive music fan and nerd. I also love DJing and making music.

Here's my first EP as Bass-Doctor Ace. Check It out. Its a free download on SoundCloud.


CLMDO and La Central aka F&B of Isabela have just been mentioned in GQ Magazine.

Give it a read.

Lote 23

Isabela Puerto Rico Restaurant

This Thursday we'll be at Lote 23 in Santurce, San Juan. Drop by and pay us a visit.

CLMDO Boogaloo Brunch

CLMDO is doing brunch!

For the rest of the season, we"ll be opening for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. From 10am till 2pm.

Come on by!

CLMDO DJ Session

I've been asked more than a few times if we had any recorded DJ Sessions. This is our first one.

Take a listen on Soundcloud,here.

You'll find some Hip-Hop Beats, Funk, Soul, Jazz and Break Beats.


Join Our Team

CLMDO is going to be starting a brunch program soon. Join our team, we need cooks and servers to work brunch on Friday, Satruday and Sundays.

Email your resume to and let us know about the position that you are interested in.

Recipe: Lemon Chicken

Recipe: Lemon Chicken

Here's a simple recipe. You'll need a pressure cooker.

Pressure cookers are amazing. They speed up cooking and infuse flavors right into your foods.

Start with:

-Whole Chicken
-Herbs + Seasonings of your choice (we used a citrus rub, olive oil and balsamic vinegar)
-Your Choice of Veg. (we went with baby potatoes, carrots, and shallots)
-1 Cup of Liquid (we used chicken stock and a quarter cup of orange liquor)

Set your stove to high to build up pressure in your cooker. Once your valve starts rocking, drop it to low and set your timer to 15 minutes.

That's it. Make this for someone and impress.

CLMDO Vol. 17

CLMDO Vol. 17

Summer is practictly here. Here's a summer themed playlist, get some shades, a cool drink and hit play.